I am interested in a material handling clam; do you manufacture this type of attachment?
Yes. We recently designed a new style unit, which can handle up to three yards. It uses hydraulic cylinders for the operation of the buckets. This unit is offered in non-rotating, 270 deg rotation, and 360 deg rotation. It can also be fitted for tines to be used as a grapple.
My requirements need a clam, which can be used for digging. Do you manufacture anything like this?
Our digging clams have been built tough and long lasting. Many changes have been made over the last five years to improve the operation and maintenance of these units. We offer a fixed or dangle style of mounting; with non-rotating, 270 deg rotation, and 360 deg rotation of the clamshell buckets.
I have a job, which may require some extreme applications for either a clamshell bucket or a grapple on a swiveling and rotating basis. Do you make anything, which might fit my needs?
Compound attachments are not uncommon, but they are always specific to ones own needs. Sometimes a call to our offices to discus your specific requirements may be the best way to solve any questions. Call us toll free at 888-448-2486 for a quote.
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