Do I need to purchase special buckets and adapters in order to use your Quick-Couplers on my equipment?
No. Unlike some manufacturers of Quick Couplers, we do not force you to purchase our buckets. Our Quick-Couplers are made to the OEM pin specifications, and will fit any attachment with these dimensions.
I've heard about some Coupler Systems, which can come uncoupled while in use, causing severe damage and in some cases, have resulted in personal injury. What makes the Ajusta-Buckets couplers different?
Our patented "Snap-Lock" Quick-Couplers have a safety pin, which must be manually put in place to operate the attachment being coupled onto. We feel the safest way to control the possibility of mechanical failure and premature uncoupling of an attachment is by manually opening and locking each attachment. This verifies that the attachment is being properly coupled and locked down.
I have just bought a Komatsu PC300 machine, but I still have all of the buckets and attachments for my old CAT 325. Do I need to have these replaced to fit my new excavator?
With some other couplers you would have to modify or exchange them, but not with our Quick-Couplers. When ordering an Ajusta-Buckets Quick-Coupler, just let us know of your situation and we will build it to accommodate this condition.
I'm not sure if I can afford an Ajusta-Buckets Quick-Coupler for my machine. The jobs I quote are marginal, and it seems like a lot of money, and I don't feel I will get a return on my investment.
First off, you will save money on the time involved in changing an attachment. The changeover time usually takes less than one minute. Second, you can use the right attachment for the job at hand, and in some cases, pay for your Ajusta-Buckets Quick Coupler in one job. For example, just look at the amount of money you would save in stone or gravel, at the bottom of a ditch where you are laying pipe. By changing to a smaller bucket at the bottom of the ditch, you can save 2/3 of the cost of the stone. Depending on the size of the job, you can see the savings.
Some of my projects require me to turn my buckets around and dig under a structure. With some of the new Coupler Systems on the market, I won't be able to do this. Are yours any different?
Yes. The Ajusta-Buckets Quick-Couplers are an extension of the OEM's configuration and can be used in the same manner as you would without having a coupler on your machine.
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