I have seen a number of swingers (swivels) on the market, why should I look at buying an Ajusta-Buckets swivel? In the past, I've heard they are very heavy.
Our products have gone through extensive engineering changes, modifications, and weight reduction. Most of our Swivels weigh about 50% less than they did 5 years ago. Our main power is generated by two opposing hydraulic cylinders in a " V " formation, located between the pin connection areas, as opposed to our old style Swivels, which hung them out past the back link.
If I put an Ajusta-Buckets Swivel on my machine, won't I be limited to only using the attachment that is pinned onto it?
It depends on the type of Ajusta-Buckets Swivel you purchase. We offer both a "Pin-On" style, which lets you manually pull the pins to change to another attachment, and one with our patented "Snap-Lock" Coupler style, which will let you change an attachment in less than one minute.
What is the maximum amount of tilt I can expect from using an Ajusta-Buckets Swivel?
The maximum mount of angle you can expect from the Swivel is 45 % right or left of the center position. This is extremely helpful when opening or digging irrigation trenches. You can straddle the area to be trenched, or run down along the edge, and use the machine along with the Swivel to create compound angles to cut or clear the ditch.
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